ABF Technology

More hygiene and less bacteria

How it works

ABF Technology consists of two components: the ABF Humidifier and ABF Liquid.
The ultrasonic humidifier produces a dry, disinfecting fog.
The technology can be used to disinfect cold rooms, equipment, buckets and places where flowers are processed. 
The technology does not disturb the production process.


ABF Technology minimizes losses and quality reduction caused by Botrytis, because the environment where flowers are stored or processed has been sterilized.

  • DNA tests proved that 99,9% of traces of botrytis has disappeared after treatment
  • Tests on flower farms showed a reduction of losses from 7-15% to 0,1-0,7%

ABF Technology increases supply chain efficiency:

  • Enables long storage and more efficient logistics
  • More process control and more reliable supply

Environment & Safety

ABF Liquid is an environmental friendly, biocide formula:

  • It is biodegradable
  • No residue. It decays back to water after use
  • Although harmless to humans, in any application there is no direct contact during the treatment with ABF Liquid or Fog.
  • ABF Liquid is a registered product


Depending on the desired level of automation the ABF Anti-Botrytis treatment  can take place in several ways:

  • Cold room
  • Containers
  • Storage rooms
  • Assembly line

ABF Flower Conditioner

Improves the condition of flowers and foliage

ABF Conditioner is a product that gives leaves a natural gloss and not only keeps them dust-free and clean, but also makes dust and traces of calcium, rust and water invisible.

ABF Conditioner makes flowers and foliage water repellent and anti-adherent and gives an additional protection against Botrytis.

The product regulates optimal water respiration without clogging leaf stomata completely. This results in longer freshness and less bending of flowers and less wilting of leaves.

The product can be applied manual by dipping or by (automated) spraying.

There is no cleaning needed beforehand. The product dries quickly and is easy to handle.

ABF Flower Conditioner is environmental friendly and biodegradable.It is water based and non-toxic.

The product can be used by growers, bouquet makers , retailers and florists.


Enabling more efficiency in the floriculture industry

Treating cut flowers with ABF Anti-Botrytis Technology is the first step in making long storage feasible.

The advantages

The advantages of long storage of cut flowers are many. Just to name a few:

  • Extends the freshness of flowers
  • Increases production flexibility
  • Makes the distribution and ordering between flower suppliers and retailers more flexible and sustainable.
  • Attracts new customers and opens up new sales channels
  • May reduce logistic costs by shifting from airfreight to sea transport


Minimizing the presence of Botrytis is an important factor in long storage, however more variables play a role:

  • Harvesting the flowers at the right stage
  • Pre-treatment and optimal feeding
  • Packaging
  • Climate control and transport conditions from harvest to arrival at the retailer
  • Water transpiration control combined with pre-treatment against botrytis.


ABF Technology uses specially developed bags in boxes with the right permeability to control water transpiration and the levels of ethylene, O2 and CO2. This helps to extends shelf life of cut flowers and preservation of freshness and quality.